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Deposit Agreement & Letter of Understanding


This agreement is for the reservation deposit of a pet quality Male  |   Female  |   Either ;   Havanese  |   Coton de Tulear  |   Either ; -- Puppy Named:____________________________ or A Future Puppy To Be Selected from Cornerstone Kennels with the following terms and conditions set forth below and as follows:

PUPPY SELECTION:  We consider the selection of your puppy a very important task. We want you to be happy with your puppy and confident about adding a new family member to your home while also ensuring the future happiness of your puppy.  Deposit Agreements will be considered in the order in which they are received and the selection of your puppy will be based upon your requests and our telephone interview with you.

PRICE:  The purchase price is $2,000.00.  A deposit of $300.00 is required in order to reserve your puppy and will be charged to [ MC] [ Visa] ____|____|____|____- ____|____|____|____- ____|____|____|____- ____|____|____|____ , Expiration Date (Month/Year): ____/____, 3-digit CV#: ______.  All deposits are nonrefundable. The remainder of $1,700.00 is to be paid by cashier's check or money order, made payable to Cornerstone Kennels, or by cash when you pick up your puppy.  If you wish to pay the balance payment by credit card, please submit the Charge Authorization Form by fax prior to picking up your puppy.

REGISTRATION:  Your puppy's registration papers will be processed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). We will provide you with a Limited AKC Registration Application and Pedigree when you receive your puppy.  If your puppy's papers are not available at that time, they will be mailed to you promptly when completed by AKC.  You may select any name you would like to call your puppy. The registered name of your puppy will begin with Cornerstone.

SPAY / NEUTER:  We require that you have your puppy spayed or neutered. Having this done is the healthiest thing you can do for your puppy and will help prevent unwanted behaviors from developing. We recommend doing so at approximately 6 months of age. At that time, your puppy will have received all the necessary puppy vaccinations, will be big enough to more safely handle the procedure and will not yet have reached sexual maturity.

HEALTH GUARANTEE:  We will provide you with a written guarantee indicating that your puppy is in good health to the best of our knowledge, all shots and wormings will be up to date and free from obvious health conditions or defects at the time of transfer to you.  To validate this guarantee, you must have your puppy examined by a Veterinarian within 72 hours of acquiring your puppy. We will also provide you with a health record including the exact dates and types of shots and wormings your puppy has received. You must provide the vet with this medical record for continuing care and the vaccinations needed for your puppy to stay healthy to be properly scheduled.  If there is found to be a serious incurable health condition or defect, the puppy and the written vet statement must be returned to us immediately, at Customers expense. If a puppy must be returned to us, it will be exchanged with one of equal value, if one is available, or money will be refunded within a reasonable period of time.  Should you neglect to take your puppy and medical record to the vet for this exam, you will accept immediate and full responsibility for its health. All vet bills are the responsibility of the Customer.

RETURN POLICY:  While we believe you will be adopting this puppy with the best of intentions, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise.  This puppy is not to be sold, given away, or otherwise disposed of for any reason. If you are no longer able to care for this puppy, the puppy is to be returned to us. No cash refunds will be given.

PICK UP TIME:  We will set aside a special time to visit with you after your puppy has reached the age of at least 8 weeks.  Please understand that other families may have planned to pick their puppy up on the same day as you. If you arrive early or late, our time with you may be cut short or may interfere with the time another family has to visit with us. We feel it is important to address all the questions you may have and be able offer guidance regarding the care of your new puppy without being rushed. We will appreciate your punctual arrival and look forward to meeting with you soon! For puppies being shipped, please be sure the Shipping Addendum reaches us at least 7 days before the flight so we can properly prepare for your puppy's travel. 

CUSTOMER INFORMATION:  Please complete the following information as you would like your name to appear on your puppy's registration papers.


Phone Number:  

Email Address:  

By signing this document and returning it with your deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions set in the above agreement.  We will then begin the careful selection process for finding your new family member.  We feel honored that you trust us with such an important decision and take our responsibility to you and our puppies very seriously!

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