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I was, naturally, very concerned about a young puppy making a long solo trip from California to New York--of course, one solution would have been to buy a puppy from a nearby breeder, but none of them seemed to be of the caliber of Cornerstone, Cotons are not easy to come by, and no other puppy would do!

Kelly had been through this process innumerable times, and knew every nuance and possible pitfall. This case was an extra challenge, though, because severe winter weather was closing in on the east coast, and we had to work around possible flight delays, airport closings, etc.

Kelly kept in touch with the airport personnel, arranged the best flight, and kept me informed every step of the way. With the airbill number that was assigned to the puppy's crate, we could track his progress online from Sacramento to Dallas to La Guardia--and we did! We could see when he made his connecting flight (we cheered!); we could see when there was a slight delay getting into La Guardia; we knew exactly what was going on.

I expected a young pup to be a mess after a long trip like this. I had brought wipes, towels and a blanket with me to the preferred parcel area, where he was to be arriving. When that crate came down the conveyor belt, I was astonished. Fiyero was sitting up tall, looking out the door of the crate, wagging his tail happily, as if he had been enjoying himself! When I opened the crate, I found him to be clean and dry--really, not a speck on him! He was happy, giving out kisses to one and all, and not traumatized in the least. Part of this is a testament to his happy and confident personality; part of this is due to the good handling he received all along the way.

Even driving home in the storm, he was curious and seemed quite content. Since that time, he has proven to be a splendid dog--intelligent, comical, eager to please, and, right from the start, a member of our family.

~Sheila Ramsay, Montello, New York 

I met Kelly on the Internet while I was looking to buy a male Bichon Frise puppy. I put an ad on a billboard and she was kind enough to answer it. From the beginning, she was more helpful than anyone I had ever known. Last year we bought a puppy from a store here in New Jersey, paid a lot of money for a supposed Bichon male puppy. Had trouble with him from the beginning, found out later he is not full bred Bichon, has skin problems, etc. Big mistake. When I started e-mailing Kelly, I was very untrusting of buying a puppy long distance and shipping him to New Jersey, I thought, what if this is a scam?

Doing business with Kelly has been the best experience I have ever had. She shipped my puppy on December 18th, 1997 thru American Airlines, to Newark Airport. I could not believe the condition he was in. He was in a really nice crate, with his food and water, his health papers and just about everything and more that one could possibly imagine. He arrived just when she said he would. This was truly the best experience I ever had doing business with anyone. I have a lovable, healthy male Bichon puppy, whom we all love. The lesson this whole situation taught me is not to be afraid to buy a puppy from Kelly, I did far better than we did right here in New Jersey.  It is my pleasure to recommend this lovely woman to you.

~Dolores Tedesco, Bloomfield, New Jersey

In July,1998 we purchased the most lovable little Bichon puppy from Kelly.

We couldn't be happier with her personality, health, and the smooth manner in which she arrived. I must say it was a bit scary picking out a puppy over the Internet from a stranger, but after a few calls to and from Kelly , our entire family was excited about our decision .  Her dogs are WONDERFUL and fit right in with the family. Our Madeleine is a peach, gets along with the cat and our 7 year old Airedale just fine. She is also great with children. We Love her dearly ! Thanks Kelly ! !
~Linda Flinton, Jamestown, Rhode Island

Cornerstones Madeline

Mighty Quinn's mom Sammi here! Life has been so busy with the little one -- it's one adventure after another with this little fluff. He is certainly living up to the "mighty" in his name -- he has no fear! He adores every new person he meets and wants to play with every single dog he comes across -- he doesn't seem to care if they're Great Danes or Collies. I don't think he realizes how little he is! The larger dogs just seem a little confused by his exuberant and playful manner -- I'm sure they're thinking, "Hey! I'm huge! You should be intimidated!" The only thing that makes Mighty Q-Boy hide behind my legs is the neighborhood cat. I bark at the cat to show Quinn what he should be doing, but I don't think it's working. The neighbors definitely think I'm strange, though.

Quinn so loving! This little guy is a fast learner. He's got fetch down pat and does the bichon blitz like a real pro. I could not have asked for a better pup, Kelly -- thank you so much for bringing him into my life. Quinn sends you lots of his puppy kisses! Take care!

~Samantha Moore, South Carolina

It is on the internet that I met Kelly, owner of Cornerstone Kennels. Kelly was wonderful to work with. She e-mailed me on the day that her Bichon had puppies and told me how many were in the litter (I felt as if I was right there!), she kept me posted on their progress as they grew, and she sent me the most delightful addition to my family I could ever imagine.

Was I skeptical? more than you could possibly imagine! Purchasing a puppy sight unseen, from a town somewhere in Oklahoma, from a person I had never even met.... I thought that I must be crazy. Kelly offered references, e-mailed information, and followed up on every question! I called her..... and from that point forward, I knew that I was dealing with a true professional.

I am now the ownee of Cornerstones Isabelle Northern (we all call her Izzy). On the day of Izzy's arrival in Anchorage, I waited at the airport. I was not sure what to expect form a puppy I had never actually seen. The most adorable baby Bichon arrived. She was in excellent health, and did not even seem scared after the flight. She took right to my husband and I. The vet confirmed that she was pretty close to perfect and that she was in good health.

My connection with Kelly did not stop at the point of receiving Izzy. Kelly e-mails me regularly to check on Izzy and to discuss her progress. Kelly has answered several questions I have asked regarding when to bathe her, how to follow up on house breaking, etc... I am extremely thankful for my Cornerstone baby, and I am certain that everyone who has the pleasure of meeting Kelly and purchasing one of her puppies will be equally satisfied.

~Vickie Altman, Eagle River, Alaska

Bichon Puppies available in Illinois. How these words were about to change my family's life. After doing almost two years of research on the Bichon, talking with local breeders and viewing the pet stores upon each visit to the mall, I clicked on the Cornerstone Kennels icon to view the pages backing up this announcement. What I found there was very comforting to my soul. Kelly's information on the breed was a repeat of much of what I already knew, the refreshing way she presented this information coupled with pictures and her personal statements on the Bichon is what impressed me. I knew that this was the Breeder for us, as it was clear that this woman truly loved and cared for each and every pup she helped come into this world. The rest is history…Murphy, our little male Bichon, was on his way home in June of 1998. From the moment we laid eyes on him, we knew it was a match made in heaven. I can thank Kelly for assisting with that match; it was as though she knew that he was going to be a perfect fit for our family. My family truly cannot recommend a more ethical, loving breeder than Kelly. When the time comes to add another furry member to our family, without a moment's hesitation, Cornerstone Kennels will get the call!
~Brenda & Richard Paquin, Woonsocket, RI

Cornerstones Mischievous Murphy

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