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If you've made it to this section, we know you're serious about adding a Cornerstone Coton or Havanese to your life! To get better acquainted with our guarantees to you, as well as our expectations of a potential new home for our puppies, please read through our information below.

Call Requests: To be help us make the best recommendations for a puppy that will be a great fit for his or her new familiy, it's beneficial to have some information in advance.  If you'd like to speak with us prior to placing a reservation, please complete our fact sheet below. We value your time and appreciate the extra effort it takes to submit our forms.

PDF: Customer Fact Sheet
If submitting by email, fact sheets only, may be sent to: Cornerstone Inquiries

Reservations: If you're ready to reserve your future puppy, you may do so by submitting the deposit agreement below. When choosing a future puppy to be selected, please be sure to include the customer fact sheet along with your agreement.

PDF: Deposit Agreement and Letter of Understanding
If submitting by email, agreements, including fact sheets, may be sent to: Cornerstone Reservations

To send Cornerstone payments:
Click here for our link to:
(there are no additional fees associated with Venmo payments)
(530) 899-8990 to find us on:
(please add transaction fees;$7.50 for deposits, $15.00 for final balances)
Click here for credit card:
(transaction fees will be included with all payments made by debit/credit cards)

Shipping: In general, we rarely ship puppies, but we may make exceptions for families who have worked with us before.  For a puppy we have agreed to ship, please be sure your shipping addendum, and any remaining balance due, reaches us at least 7 days before the flight so we can properly prepare for your puppy's travel.

Update: We will not be shipping at all until further notice. 

Shipping Addendum
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We know you had many breeders to choose from, so we feel honored that you chose us! Completed forms may be submitted by regular mail, scanned & emailed, or screenshot & sent by text.

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