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So often, when we get ready to send a baby home with his or her new family we're asked what type of things they will need, so we decided to make a list.  We hope this will be helpful to anyone who  is going to be getting a new puppy or that has just gotten one.

CK Customers Only:  For your convenience, some of the products recommended below are now available to be purchased and delivered to you with your new puppy.  For more information, ask about our  puppy supplies list when you call!

1.  The first thing to have ready for your new puppy cannot be purchased from a store, it comes from within.

New babies need lots of love and patience to help them learn and grow into the special members of your family that they will become.

2.  A Crate will help them feel secure.  It will become their own little bedroom, a place they can go to rest when they get tired out.  It will also help to teach them how to wait to go potty because they will not want to go in their beds.  

Slumber Bed

For our Coton de Tulear and Havanese babies who leave us with one of our crates,
we add a special slumber bed with the rolled pillow edge that smells like home.


3.  Food of excellent quality specially designed for the growth of a puppy is necessary for overall good health. We send food home with each of our puppies .  In the event their new owner finds it more convenient to switch to a brand other than what we have been feeding, they can make the change gradually by mixing it with the new food.

4.  Dishes used for food and water are really personal preference. There is no right or wrong type to select. We prefer the crock-like kind that separate from each other. They are heavier than most others and not as easily knocked over or spilled .  They are also easily washed. Remember to keep bowls clean with plenty of fresh water available.

5.  Collars, Harnesses and Leashes are also very individual preference. The size to select depends on how old or big your new puppy is.  For an 8-12 week old Coton or Havanese, sometimes the cat collars fit better than the puppy collars.  We recommend something light weight for the comfort of your puppy.  Since it is sometimes a bit of an adjustment for puppies to have something around their necks, many people enjoy using the harness to connect the leash to instead of a collar.

6.  Shampoo is available in specially designed formulas.  We do recommend a gentle shampoo that will not dry the skin out, such as an oatmeal based formula.  In answer to the question that we are so frequently asked about what we've used that makes our puppies smell so's called Fresh N Clean Cologne for dogs.  We bathe our puppies in a mild shampoo and after they are completely dry, we give them a little mist of Fresh N Clean.

7.  Brushes that work best on the hair of the Bichon Family of Dogs are referred to as Slicker Brushes. The slicker brush is good for daily brushing, help keep tangles from developing and helps to maintain the fluff of their coats.  To get the power-puffed appearance, after a bath use the slicker brush while gently blow drying your puppy.  We also recommend the Pin Brush for maintaining the longer coats.

Slicker Brush

Pin Brush

8.  Toys options available for a new puppy are too many to mention.  In general you'll need to make sure that they are safe things for a little one to play with.  Just as with young children, you'll want to avoid little pieces that can be easily swallowed. All puppies go through a teething stage and it is helpful for them to have something safe to chew on other than your new shoes.  As with the food, avoid any beef flavored chew bones for lighter colored puppies because the color will tend to rub off onto their light coats. It is best to supervise young puppies during their play time with any toys that you give them.
This is our little boy, Leo at 6 weeks of age, already selecting his favorite toy!

Leo above at 9 weeks of age.  He took his duck home with him when he made the transition to his new family.

All of our Coton de Tulear and Havanese babies make their
journeys taking a special toy with the familiar, comforting scent of home.

9.  A Blanket or Pillow that is your pups very own special thing to sleep with in the crate is nice for them to have.  I recommend something that can be easily thrown into the washing machine for cleaning.  Often the first few nights that a new puppy is away from its mommy and litter mates can be difficult.  Giving your new puppy a special blanket, pillow or stuffed toy to cuddle with will help them feel a little bit more secure during the transition.  

10.  A Veterinarian that comes highly recommend is sometimes a little harder to get into but usually well worth the wait.  It's important to feel as comfortable with your vet as your family physician.  Make sure that you have your new puppy examined as soon as possible and that you have received a list of all vaccines, wormings or other medications your new puppy has had so that your vet can review it and be able to advise you properly for follow up routine care.  

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Puppies are like children and require proper care, please make sure you are prepared for the responsibility. These little ones will be depending on you to provide them with everything they need to stay healthy and happy. In return, they will offer you lots of laughs, a lifetime of genuine love and pure devotion.  

CK Havanese Baby

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