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The Havanese New Family Photo Gallery
pronounced Hava-Knees


Welcome to our new family photo gallery.  We receive so many wonderful cards, letters and pictures each year that we are honored to share them with you!  Please enjoy your visit through our New Family Gallery!





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CK Puppy

This is Wilson!

Laura & Wilson

Below, Wilson with his new family, The Mastersons

  July 2001


The darling daughter of Ria and Lobo,

Isabelle is now owned and loved by

the Coffman family.  The photo left

was taken in August of 2002.

"We love our new little girl! She is so precious." ~ Jordan Coffman

Lulu-Dec. 2002
above at 5 weeks of age

"Lulu is a terrific little puppy, and I'm so glad to have her! I've been meaning to write to you for some time. It is hard to believe that my little girl Lulu is now almost 1 1/2 years old. She is a charmer and a devil at the same time! She and her older sister Isabella have a wonderful time together, playing and cuddling, though Lulu is very much the typical little sister! We are also spending more time outside the city and both girls love to run wild and dive in the snow! They are bundles of endless love and energy."

"She is a beautiful little dog, who is complimented every time she goes out for a walk about town! Of course, she loves being the center of attention and stealing the show from Isabella."

"Here is a picture I took in November that I have been meaning to send you. She is a true Cuban, she always has that little bone in her mouth, like a Cuban cigar!"

Best Wishes, Susan Hirschfeld
~February 2004

The Desimone Family with their newest baby "Juniper Berry"- March 2003

Meet Maggie - April 2003

Maggie with her blue bear

"Just thought you might like an update of how Maggie is doing. She is a happy, well adjusted, well mannered (for the most part ) puppy.  From the minute we picked her up at the airport, she made herself right at home.  We thought she would be cowering in the back of her carrier, but she was up front wagging her tail happy to see us.  She never cried at night, and wasn't scared of anything (except for cardboard boxes of any shape or size and the vacuum cleaner).  We wondered if  youtaught her "sit" because by 9 weeks she was definitely sitting on command.  At

Maggie sitting pretty

12 weeks, she can now sit, lie down, roll over, and sometimes shake.  She also knows  come and leave it, but she doesn't always listen, particularly if Jeff has left one of his socks on the floor (she loves a good game of chase-

"She has figured out that if she runs as fast as she can in circles around the living room chair it takes two people to catch her!).  She can play ball, but you have to roll the ball on the ground because if you throw it over her head, she has no idea what happened to it.  She loves all people, kids, and animals, and gets very upset if not everyone she sees stops to play with her. She thinks she should always be the center of attention.  She walked great on a leash from the day after she arrived.  Now if she sees her leash she goes nuts and runs to the door.  She loves walks.   She is the darling of the neighborhood, people who have no idea what our names are know who Maggie is.  Sometimes people driving by even stop and hang their heads out of their cars to tell us how cute she is and to ask about her."

Where's Maggie?

Maggie posing for the camera

Maggie ready for the OU game

"She loves to ride in the car and to visit "Grandma".   She has been known to jump in her Sherpa carrier when it is sitting in the living room, sitting with her head out looking at us like "Shouldn't you be taking me somewhere?".  She is also a music lover. She is particularly fond of Jane Monheit (a jazz singer).  If she is having a puppy energy spurt, Jane can calm her right down.  We wondered if you play the piano because if Kathy plays the piano, it has the same effect."

"She found her bark, but usually only uses it for shadows, or the puppy in the mirror.  She likes to chase bubbles (bacon scented from Petsmart) and butterflies in the yard.  She also likes to cuddle up on our laps, or to just be carried around."

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to add Maggie to our family.  We absolutely adore her."  ~Kathy and Jeff Loy

We hope that you've enjoyed your visit through our New Family Gallery! There will be more new family galleries to come as time allows us to add them to our site, we don't want to leave anyone out! To those of you who have sent us such wonderful pictures and updates on your puppies, we thank you so very much! You, the new families of all our CK puppies, make what we do truly a pleasure

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