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Hello! I'm Kelly and I would like to welcome you to the CK Bichon Photo Gallery.  I have specialized in raising Bichons since 1985 and believe they are one of the most pleasant breeds of dog that you will ever meet!  

The Bichon is a very soft natured, sweet and affectionate dog. They are excellent with children and get along very well with other animals too. The Bichon naturally loves to please its family members and is kind to everyone they meet.

Bichons have a very special ability of making their way into the hearts of all that know them. They are known and loved for that very unique ability which will steal your heart away. 

Where It All Began...

CK Bichon Frise Cameo

Cameo was the first Bichon to join our family back in 1985. I am very sad to report that she is no longer with us. Cameo lived with my father in Sleepy Hollow, Illinois but was unfortunately taken from us sooner than expected, when she was killed instantly after being hit by a car in January of 1999. Cameo was the grandmother to many of our wonderful Bichon babies and the reason that our family came to know and love this great breed. We will all miss her!

CK Bichon Frise
Abbingtons "Cameo" Girl

Bichon Babies are born with pink noses, lips and footpads.  As they get older, the pink will begin turning dark brown or black. The noses of the little ones below have already started turning black.

CK Bichon Frise Newborns
CK babies at 2 weeks

Many people never have the exciting opportunity to see these adorable little babies when they are so young and tiny. The little CK babies here are about two weeks old and will just begin opening their eyes to take in all the wonders of the great big outside world.

CK Bichon Frise Tiffin
CK's Mandrya's Tiny "Tiffin"
born 1/6/90

As they grow, they become just like toddlers and require lots of time to rest. It's important to remember that young puppies tire easily and need naps throughout the day.  

It's not uncommon for them to cry the first night or two when they move to their new homes with their new families. They've been use to sleeping with their litter mates so giving them some stuffed toys to sleep with will often help them feel more secure.

One thing especially common to the Bichon is that they absolutely love pillows!

CK Bichon Frise Tiffin

This is Tiffin at age 8.  

She is also known as "The Queen of the House"

The expression used in the movie Jerry Maguire reminded me of the day that Tiffin joined our family....

"She had me at Hello"

CK Bichon Frise Puppies

Young puppies are full of adventure and curious about all the new things they can discover.  It is a good idea to supervise them, just like toddlers, while they are playing and exploring new things.  

These CK puppies were having a great time playing in a Bakery Cake Box.  In a contest for the best caption to put with that picture the members of the Bichon Brigade sent in some hilarious suggestions.

The winning caption was sent in by Jack and Tanner and goes like this.....

Oh, Mommy, I'm glad you're here......I don't know HOW I got stuck in this cake box!!!!!!

They have a sure way of looking very very innocent...

..even if they were just thinking about ripping those flowers into shreds!!

CK Bichon Frise Puppies
CK Pups born 9/3/95

CK Bichon Frise Meisha
Meisha born 4/28/88

Meisha is the grandmother of the Cornerstone Puppies below.

CK Bichon Frise Puppies
pups born 5/26/95

CK Bichon Frise Pup

This little CK Puppy has been checking up on the standards in that AKC book beside him. He says he thinks the description in "The Fun of Knowing Your Bichon Frise" guideline fits him best of all.

Here he has decided that checking up on standards really makes him tired so he's laying really still on this table top and has moved on to playing the game of "can you tell if I'm stuffed or real?"

CK Bichon Frise Pup

CK Bichon Frise Napping Puppies

...and here are a few more Cornerstone Sleeping Beauties napping on the lawn in the afternoon enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunlight!!

Christmas pups 1997

Kelly & CK Bichon Frise Tiffin

We would like to thank you for visiting our CK Bichon Photo Gallery!

We hope that you enjoyed our collection and will stop by our New Family Gallery to see pictures of our puppies with the members of their new families.

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