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The Bichon Frise New Family Photo Gallery
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Welcome to our new family photo gallery.  We receive so many wonderful cards, letters and pictures each year that we are honored to share them with you!  Please enjoy your visit through our New Family Gallery!

CK Bichon Frise

Bloomfield's Baby  and
"the girls who love her so very much"
October 1997

Dolores & CK Bichon Frise "Teddy"
Dolores & "Teddy"
Christmas 1997

Sam & CK Bichon Frise "Quinn"

Sam & CK Bichon Frise "Quinn"

"Mighty Quinn" & Sam
homecoming December 1997

"Pierre came with his brother "Deeogee" who lives in Wisconsin. A friend of mine wanted one, so I got two. They flew in to O'Hare Airport at the Priority Parcel Pick-Up. The day we picked them up at the airport people were just all over the puppies saying how cute they are and how they wanted to take them home:) I thought to myself, "they are cute but your not taking him away from me":) And when we went to the Vet they did the same thing. I also noticed that every time some one sees Pierre they just happen to want one (no coincidence there)LOL."

~Doris Charles

Crystal & CK Bichon Frise "Pierre"
Crystal & "Pierre"
homecoming 1997

Jessica & CK Bichon Frise "Murphy"
Jessica and "Murphy"
homecoming June1998

CK Bichon Frise "Murphy"
"Murphy" Fall 1998

Jessica, Brutus & CK Bichon Frise "Murphy"
"Murphy", Jessica & "Brutus"

Jessica & CK Bichon Frise "Murphy"

Bianca is the litter mate sister to Mr. Murphy (above).

CK Bichon Frise "Bianca"
"Bianca" Christmas 1998

Scott, Kristi & CK Bichon Frise "Bianca"
Scott, Kristi and
"Bianca" Eckert

"Everything is going great. Rachel really
loves Lacey and Lacey loves to play with
our other dog and is very good natured in
general. I am really happy with her. I think
I am going to increase the Bichon
population in this area because everyone
thinks my dog is adorable. "

~Crystal Groff

Rachel & CK Bichon Frise "Lacy"
Rachel and "Lacey"
September 1998

Lexi & CK Bichon Frise "Madeline"

John & CK Bichon Frise "Madeline"

Lexi & CK Bichon Frise "Madeline"

Lexi & CK Bichon Frise "Madeline"

Lexi and "Madeline" homecoming pictures July 1998

It was a real pleasure meeting Michael and his mother, Sue when they picked up their puppy Cuddles.  Michael spent an extensive amount of time asking me important questions, reading about the breed, and shopping for all the right supplies before actually picking up his puppy.  Cuddles is the litter mate sister to Madeline (above).

CK Bichon Frise "Cuddles"
"Cuddles" Halloween '98

Ryan, Michael & CK Bichon Frise "Cuddles"
Ryan, Michael and "Cuddles"

"We love our puppy Cuddles.  She is so sweet and unbelievably trusting.  The whole family adores her!"  ~Sue, David, Ryan & Michael Ornelas

...and now here's Maggie, newest
    addition of the Ornelas Family

"We nearly named her Thumper since
she "hops" around out in the grass.
~Sue Ornelas

"Maggie" July 2003

CK Bichon Frise "Shasta"
Shasta's first day home
in her new coat

Dottie & CK Bichon Frise "Shasta"
Dottie & "Shasta"
Christmas 1998

Baby & CK Bichon Frise "Shasta"
Andrea & "Shasta"

"These are pictures taken of Shasta since 12/13/98.  You'll never know what a pleasure she is.  We are all thoroughly enjoying her."
 ~Dottie Wilson

Dottie and Shasta

Celebrating Christmas
Shasta's 1st Birthday
December 1999

"Shasta is very loved, if not somewhat spoiled, and a wonderful friend!"

CK Bichon Frise "Nicki & Shredder"
"Nicki" & "Shredder"
The Penthouse Pups
December 1998

Denise & Laura
Owned and loved
by Laura & Denise

Nicki & Shredder

CK Bichon Frise "Nicki & Shredder"

CK Bichon Frise "Casey"
Cornerstones Casey
AKA "Mamma's Big Boy"
January 1999

"If you asked my 15 yr. old daughter she would say "look at that Mamas' boy", I call him my "big boy" - all 5.75 lbs of him. He now stands 7 inches from the floor. Today he is 6 months old & he lost his second tooth. The "tooth fairy" came with special treat for him. (now you know I've lost my mind over this guy) True - I admit it. Can't think what I would do without my "big boy". He will forever be our "special pup". When I walk in the door at 4:30 every day there he is waiting for his kisses. He is so cuddly and naturally easy to carry. My husband laughs because weekends we are "one". WE love it-Casey and me!"

~ Linda Higgins

"The kids love him , I've never seen them get up so fast in the morning before going to school! Late at night, Nicky usually lays on my lap while I'm on the computer (like now!). Here is a picture of Nicky and the kids, just off the digital camera!

Thanks again and we'll stay in touch..."
~Andre and family

Kids & CK Bichon Frise "Casey"
"Nicky" & Kids
February 1999

Sammy & "Tia"
October 2002

My 3 year old Sammy just started preschool. He just turned 3 on the 10th so he is young for his class (the cut off here in NJ is September 30th). The first few days of school, he had a hard time saying good-bye to me. He cried and said he wanted to go home. Yesterday, he decided to bring in a picture of himself holding Tia. He showed his teachers and the other kids in the class, then put it in his pocket and said good-bye to me without shedding a tear. I think having a picture of her in his pocket helped him get through the good bye process. Now he insists on bringing that picture everyday to school and keeping it in his pocket. Tia has helped him get over the hump of leaving mommy!! Anyway, hope all is well and we can't thank you enough for our healthy CK puppy!!!!
All the best,  ~Julie Jeffrey

We hope that you've enjoyed your visit through our New Family Gallery! There will be more new family galleries to come as time allows us to add them to our site, we don't want to leave anyone out! To those of you that have sent us such wonderful pictures and updates on your puppies, we thank you so very much! You, the new families of all our CK puppies, make what we do truly a pleasure

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